Hey there, my name is Viv and I am the creative behind HeyThereVClaire. I started experimenting with weaving in the summer of 2016. My first project was a gigantic 4 foot wide tapestry. I built the loom myself and the piece took me 3 months to complete. After I finished that project I moved on to smaller ones that only took me a maximum of 2 weeks. Ever since I started experimenting with weaving and fiber arts I have been completely obsessed. I love to create. Art is my form of meditation and relaxation. I believe that making art is one of the most important things a person can do. Making things with my hands keeps me centered, makes me feel alive, and urges me to push boundaries with other issues. Art is my hobby and although I don't plan on making it my career, I hope my little business grows into something that makes people want to create just as much as I do.  Best wishes,