rainbow sculpture

Rainbow Sculpture  This piece was inspired by my love for rainbows and my love for taking things apart + putting them back together in different ways. The white woven part of this piece is made from alpaca fiber. I wove a section on the top right that would allow me to fit a piece of rope through. I wrapped the rope in all kinds of different yarn blends. The rainbow can be tied in all kinds of different knots, or looped through in any way you want. I love the idea of being able to create your own sculpture and change it up whenever you want. Who said art has rules?


Hey there! Today's post is all about my latest piece! I made this wall hanging a few weeks ago as my first ever latch hook piece, but recently finished the excessive trimming. It was inspired by a field of daffodils and daisies. The circular shape makes the piece more whimsical rather than staying in the normal lines of squares and rectangles. The yarns I used for this piece all vary. The green is 100% alpaca wool, yellow is 100% cotton, and cream/white is a blend of acrylic and cotton. It is hung from  a wooden stick on the back so that it can be balanced between two nails. This piece is up on my Etsy if you want to make it yours! 
Best wishes,  Viv

Art is such a beautiful thing.
Today I am proud to share this brand new piece with you! I call it, "art show no. 1". It will be the first in a collection of new art pieces. The inspiration for the name came from wanting to create a frame around the crazy colors and textures. The 'frame' is made from 100% cotton rope and then the abstract designs are made from various blends of cotton, wool, and acrylic yarns. I am pretty notorious for not liking the color pink (I used to refuse to wear pink anything), but I do love pink flowers. The different colors, shapes, and lengths of yarn come from how different a group of flowers is even if they're all of the same species. A field of flowers is full of different shapes, sizes, and color variations. One single flower is the same way. If you pick up a tulip, hydrangea, or any other type of flower you can clearly see all the different color variations in the petals. I made this art piece with flowers in mind. I hope you like…